Discovering Art, Architecture & Hospitality at The Dolder Grand

Our recent collaboration with the Dolder Grand Hotel allowed us to experience a completely new side to Zurich. Perched high above the city, we marvelled at the stunning views of lake Zürich and the surrounding mountain panorama. We found ourselves tourists in our own city – and were more than ready for our staycation!

We instantly fell in love with the architecture and interior design of the hotel and the way old and new elements have been skilfully combined to create one seamless experience. We learned that the old part of the hotel only meets the new part in one place, fittingly nicknamed “the kiss”. What an elegant way of paying tribute to the hotel’s rich history that goes as far back as 1899, all the while adding modern and contemporary elements to the new building.

Over 100 renowned works of art enrich the premises of the Zurich luxury hotel.

Following the renovation of the hotel by British architectural design firm Foster + Partners and the subsequent reopening in 2008, the Dolder Grand boasts a collection of over 100 illustrious works of art from all across the globe. Who would have known that this infamous luxury hotel in Zürich had an art collection to rival international art museums.

We didn’t have to wait long, as we learned that the striking 11-meter-long painting that we had just passed in the reception’s lounge area was indeed Andy Warhol’s “Big Retrospective Painting”! As we made our way to our hotel room, we were intrigued by the colourful Takashi Murakami “Troll’s Umbrella” piece. Does the designers name ring a bell? Murakami is precisely the artist who collaborated with Louis Vuitton back in 2002, reinterpreting the classic monogram bags with colourful and playful elements, making his mark on the pop culture world as it was adopted by celebrities far and wide. As we had almost reached our room, we passed an impressive wooden sculpture by Rafael Benazzi that seamlessly blended into its surroundings as if created especially for that space.

Sculpture by Rafael Benazzi in the Spa Wing

Arriving at our suite, we were immersed in luxurious hues of beige leather, purple satin and dark brown wood. We were stunned by the sweeping views over the immense neighbouring golf course that we had never known even existed. We learned that guests of the Dolder Grand can enjoy access to this exclusive private golf club that is otherwise completely closed-off to the public.

Did you know: the extravagant Dolder top suites are all individually designed to create a unique ambience, each inspired by a few of the many famous guests who stayed at the hotel over the years. One of the four top suites, the Suite 100, is dedicated to the Rolling Stones, who often graced the Dolder Grand with their presence. It pays hommage to the infamous club 100 – and there is even an original electric guitar in the room! Luxurious and oppulent, these suites are the perfect venue for a special event. Click here to discover more!

Our first stop after checking in was a visit to the infamous Dolder Spa. The moment the elevator doors opened, we entered our dream space (and also our dream color scheme). We were instantly relaxed by the soothing tones of beige and white and the beautiful structured columns adorning the walkway between the spa library and the main spa area. It is, in itself, a work of art – and we never wanted to leave. We learned that the American Spa designer Sylvia Sepielli of SPAd was inspired by Japanese retreats when designing the Dolder spa, and that definitely resonated with us. From the hallway that was shaped like a river flowing to the large pool in the center, to the layout and the temperatures of the different spa facilities around it, the entire experience was perfectly thought-through.

The Dolder spa, designed by Sylvia Sepielli

Aside from the stunning architecture, the space is completed by art pieces that blend perfectly with their surroundings. “Horizontal Brushstrokes” by American artist Sol LeWitt – one of the pioneers of minimalism and conceptual art back in the 1960s, creates a feeling of complete tranquillity. It is exhibited together with Anish Kapoor’s acrylic sculpture, “Space as Object”, which aims to render the elusive concept of space inside a three-dimensional object. We couldn’t stop taking pictures, trying to capture this place in all its facets. But we recommend that you do yourself a favour and experience it for yourself. It’s the best spa day, that does not disappoint when it comes to all things artsy. And while you’re hanging out at the pool, you can admire Colombian artist Botero’s extravagant “Woman With Fruit” sculpture that has been casually placed on the deck. 

Our recommendation: the Dolder Grand offers external guests admission to enjoy this space as an exclusive day spa. The best part? You can use the entire entrance fee as credit for one or more treatments of your choice! Click here to book your mini (holi)day with the Dolder Grand!

Our dinner experience at Dolder’s restaurant Saltz was characterized by the same attention to detail that we had noted during our entire stay so far. Designed by artist Rolf Sachs, the restaurant exhibits clean lines and skillfully placed design elements. The entrance leads by an array of glass wine cabinets, where the focus lies on local Swiss wines, complemented by special bottles from France, Italy and Spain. The restaurant was awarded 14 Gault Millau points, and the menu boasts exquisite specialties from the region and is adapted to seasonal products. Our food was exquisite, as was the service, and definitely a reason to visit the Dolder Grand all on it’s own. We will surely be back for more truffle taglioni! As restaurants will hopefully be completely reopening at the end of this month in Switzerland, Saltz will also be welcoming external guests. Click here to book a table!

This 1 ton (!) rock from the Swiss Alps daintily dangles in the middle of the restaurant Saltz, no doubt playing homage to the local food served there

It was truly a pleasure to be hosted at one of Switzerland’s top hotels and the perfect retreat for those not only interested in first-class hospitality, but also for those with an interest in art, history, architecture and design. Discovering this special symbiosis of old and new, of art and leisure, and of luxury and nature was truly unique – thank you to the Dolder PR Team and to the entire staff for this wonderful experience!

In collaboration with The Dolder Grand

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