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Recreate With Us: Acrylic Designer Interior

Who doesn’t love scrolling through interior inspiration on social media? The only downside is – most of the featured decor and furniture is either unavailable or way too expensive. That’s why we’ve decided to start a “Recreate With Us” series: will be sourcing some of our favorite decor and showing you where you can get your hands on similar affordable designs!

For a recreation of the interior above, we’ve chosen these two pieces from one of our favorite online interior shops, WestwingNow. Click on the images to shop!

Recreate Acrylic Chair for CHF 949Invisible bench from westwingnow

As acrylic (or lucite) furniture creates the illusion of having a little extra space, which is an added bonus when decorating smaller spaces. However, even though these pieces are nearly invisible, using them in moderation is key! Acrylic furniture can go from elegant to tacky pretty quickly, so start with just a set of pieces and work from there.

Personally, we think that acrylic furniture with elements of fabric (such as the chair featured above), wood or stone work the best and give the piece a more elegant look – and feel! We recently bought the bench below and the fabric is super soft! Thanks to the acrylic sides, it looks like it’s floating!

Loving this trend just as much as us? Shop more furniture from the series by clicking on the images below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

Transparent Stool from WestwingNow

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