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How To Go On A Virtual Holiday In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

While we’re enjoying our homes a little more than usual (and probably a little more than we would normally like), many of us could do with a few days abroad. How to achieve that level of relaxation without getting on a plane? We’ve got just the trick (that will at least make you feel close to that holiday feeling!).

Let’s start with the visuals. One of our favorite things to do on a rainy, grey and cold winter day is grab our beamer (our favorite one is the Nebula Capsule II, available here for Switzerland and here for the rest of the world) and stream a Youtube video with images and sounds from rainforests or beaches, like this one, on a bare wall in our living room.

Then, we put on some really good tunes. Follow CASA AFUERA on Spotify to listen to our Getaway Mix, or play any of your most-loved feel good music.

Last, we make our go-to summer holiday food and beverages. Pair our signature summer salad and our secret Pasta Patricia (a restaurant in Greece named this recipe after our mom – full story and recipes here) with a bottle of Sea Change Rosé (designed to reduce packaging waste and support ocean conservation).

Pro-level? Add scents! Take a hot shower or bath before, use your favorite body scrub, put on a robe and light some scented candles. Then enjoy the tranquility alone or invite some friends over for a (safely distanced) beach hangout!

Shop our virtual holiday set by clicking on the images below:

Got any more virtual holiday ideas? Comment them below!

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