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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into The Ultimate Home Spa

Read our guide on how to create your own spa at home & click on the images to shop our favorite picks!

1 – Choose calming colors
You all know we’re fans of minimalist earthy decor, but have you ever noticed that most spas also follow that design concept? Opt for various shades of warm neutrals – and if you’re redecorating, start with the wall colors and add wooden elements for that sauna-like feel!

2 – Reduce clutter
Less is always more when it comes to smaller spaces, and it makes any room feel more modern & luxurious. Stow away products in drawers and cabinets, and choose containers with a simple design and natural materials if they’re on display.

diaqua Cord AufbewahrungskorbCozy Living Cira Marmor AufbewahrungsboxCreativ Company KosmetiktuchboxAndrea House Aufbewahrungsbox Acryl

3 – Upgrade your fabrics
Towels, robes, rugs – anything that touches your skin should be silky smooth and feel luxurious. Invest in high-quality towels that remind you of your favorite hotel! In most bathrooms, towels are essentially part of the decor, so be sure to fold and place them with intention.

WESTWING Handtuch-Set Premium mit klassischer Zierbordüre, 3-tlg. WESTWING Badematte Premium aus Bio-Baumwolle, rutschfest Vossen Vegan Life Bademantel

4 – Bring in a bathtub tray
This simple addition brings out some serious spa vibes and is great for placing your bath-time favourites (we’re thinking a glass of wine and your favourite book).

relaxdays Badewannenablage

5 – Use stylish multi-use dispensers
You’ll be amazed at what a difference neutral dispensers will make when you replace that jumble of plastic bottles with them – and it’s a more sustainable option too! Opt for multi-use dispensers to place in your shower made of stone or ceramic materials. We also love buying products in cute packaging that you’ll love to re-use, like this cute hand lotion from Thymes Frasier Fir (also goes with any Christmas decor you might have going on!):

Thymes - Frasier Fir Hydrating Hand Lotion - 8.25 Ounce Bottle

6 – Dim the lights
Any space is automatically more cozy with dimmed or indirect lighting. If you don’t have dimmable lamps already, you can either install a dimmer or just swap out your regular light bulbs for a lower wattage/warmer tone. Indirect lighting behind mirrors and along the walls can be installed quite easily and instantly gives that spa feel. Maybe you would even prefer to turn off the lights completely and set the mood with candles (added bonus: scented candles!)

7 – Add relaxing scents & music
Candles, bath salts and oils are a great way to relax your senses – and can even have health benefits. Putting on mellow music is another way to tell your body & mind that it’s time to to calm down.

8 – Create your own spa treatment
Whether it’s putting on a face or hair mask, doing your nails or using a body brush – don’t forget to pamper yourself!

9 – Invest in natural quality products

What we love most at the spa aside from the music and scents (and the pampering, of course), are the amazing products that they use. (Check back in a few days for our favorite spa products list!)

and the most important step …

Forget your to-do lists, chores & appointments – and just enjoy these few minutes to yourself :).

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